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You enjoy spending money on things you love. Around mid-afternoon, you might find yourself in a cloud of confusion. Concentrate on yourself and find a solution to the problem. Personality : With your practical, prudent, and always careful mind, you can use your energy to work for what you want. Your worst qualities are being pessimistic, fatalistic, or conventional and rigid.

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You may seem tired and in a bad mood, but your work has to be done. Try to keep both feet on the ground. Personality : This is the most feminine of all signs, and you have a very strong attachment to home and mother.


On the downside, you can be lazy, and dislike exercise. Maybe we would have recognized our Sagittarian likeness in another context. Though I love astrology, typing people by signs has always been my least favorite use for it. I don't like the way it divides us into zodiac "visitor" and "home" teams, or within, into a kaleidoscope of various personality traits. With or without the man's chart in front of me, I could see that he desperately needed a new relationship with Taurus. Horoscopes hold all twelve signs and each is a part of us in some measure.

As transiting planets cycle through our charts in overlapping rhythms, every sign will have its time. And problems with possession can plague us in this sign. I don't know why the Peruvian man disliked his Taurus mother and brother-in-law, but a likely story is that someone took the desire-to-acquire in the wrong direction.

At least that's what got the Cretan Bull in trouble. Before Hercules rode it, King Minos desired it. Minos was an early practitioner of the Law of Attraction and liked to brag about his special relationship with the gods.

He claimed he could manifest whatever he wanted. To prove it he prayed to Poseidon, requesting a bull from the depths of the sea, which he promised to immediately sacrifice back. Poseidon sent a splendid bull, so good, in fact, that Minos couldn't bear to part with it.

He concealed it among his herd and sacrificed another in its place. Furious, Poseidon drove the Bull crazy. Then he caused Queen Pasiphae to fall in love with it. Others say that Venus was to blame, that like her husband, Pasiphae lacked proper reverence and had neglected to honor Venus for so long, the goddess cursed her with a most unnatural desire. Whichever god caused it, poor Pasiphae kept visiting the cattle yard and suggestively dropping her robe, but the Bull paid no attention.

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Finally she asked the gifted maker Daedalus to build a wooden cow for her to hide in, and that's how the Bull made love to her. Suitably shamed, King Minos arranged for Daedalus to build a labyrinth in which to hide the beast. Seven youths and seven maidens were regularly sacrificed to feed the Minotaur.

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It's a cautionary tale for Taurus, not surprisingly about wealth and sex. Taurus is meant to love the world of form, but not too much. Compare Minos stealing the Bull with Hercules riding it. Hercules models an easy control of the animal, and symbolically, his own animal passions.

He moves with ease, as we should in Taurus, respecting the natural flow. When we do, we move gracefully. We enjoy what we have when it's time to have it. And we release what the gods want back when it's time to let go. But violating natural law, King Minos hangs onto the Bull.

He is possessed instead of possessing. His desire controls him. Soon he'll be stuck with a monstrosity. The creativity of Taurus, represented by Daedalus, is bent to poor purposes in this story-constructing a wooden cow and a deadly labyrinth. She lives alone but is helpless to control all the clutter in her house. Every cupboard and closet is crammed with family keepsakes that she claims loved ones insist she save for them.

How did she lose her ability to say no? I think of another Taurus who's worked for years at a job he says is making him sick. And another who is stiff and heartbroken, refusing to forgive her adult children. These are the cows and labyrinths that real Tauruses can build for themselves-getting into unnatural holding places with rationalizations as worn and circular as the paths in a labyrinth, over time losing life force, just as the sacrificed youths lost theirs.

In the myth, clever Theseus eventually slays both the Cretan Bull and the Minotaur. Surely he's a Gemini hero, hinting at how Taurus excess and stubbornness can be corrected with the next sign's virtues, its adaptability, quick wit, and lightness of being. But to stop here misses a deeper point. Consider what astrologer Barbara Watters says about earth signs and financial management: "In my years of actual experience with clients In the first place, they knew it wasn't so, and the practical money-oriented jobs I suggested-always following the rules in the books-often didn't appeal to them.

I think the materialistic label comes from the fact that Taurus is preoccupied with the tangible and the physical. All the fixed signs function primarily as organizers. Leo organizes power, Scorpio organizes knowledge, Aquarius organizes society, and Taurus organizes the physical resources of the individual or earth.

Taurus loves the process of organizing the physical assets of the earth, whether or not it makes him rich. This describes both of my Taurus friends: the one poring over her stock portfolio, the other sorting her beloved books, beads, paints, feathers and fabrics. Which resources we organize with Taurus is our choice. It could be money, sex, art or something else. But it's what and how we choose that defines our Taurus experience. May we choose with the steady honor of Hercules, not as greedy Minos or his goddess-neglecting wife, but with full reverence, knowing that what we touch and hold in Taurus is sacred.


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All Reports at a Glance. Chart of the moment. It not only contains birth data, but also all the chart drawings and thousands of biographies. AstroWiki by Astrodienst is a free encyclopedia of astrology. We have our feet firmly on the ground. My feet are firmly on the ground. I know! How crazy is that! We are radically different but totally complimentary. My sign? Uhhh… I dunno.

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Scorpio maybe? He looked up at me and ran his thumb over his eyebrow. But I do believe in it a little because people always seem to correspond terribly well with their sign. Have you heard of Astrologyzone? Here in NYC, everyone has their astrology theme made. Ok, time to fess up. Are you a believer? Do you think it represents you well? Ahahaha ;. Ce qui craint pour un amoureux, mais certainement pas pour une copine!!! So funny and true!!! Too cool! You should look up the Chinese signs, have you already? Idem pour mes copines proches, ma famille, etc.

You will absolutely love the colours and designs… and people…! Ouais, je suis Poisson.