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Glam rock and gender-bending costuming colored Bowie's stint as Ziggy Stardust in the early '70s. Many other personas and several more hits followed, including successful collaborations with the likes of Queen, Tina Turner and Mick Jagger. Bowie also turned his talents toward the silver screen, appearing in a variety of films. He is a survivor of drug addiction and husband to gorgeous, exotic supermodel Iman and father of her child.

Zoe Moon Astrology: David Bowie's Astrology by Zoe Moon

How does he do that? The Stars may have a hunch The Goat makes for a person who cautiously plans things out every step of the way, constantly working toward their goal-which of course is the top!

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Hardworking and conscientious, Bowie seeks security and stability; gaining some fame along the way wouldn't be too shabby, either. His Sun makes a Square to Neptune, indicative of a creative and intuitive person. The man of many personas and talents has a vivid imagination and a wild fantasy life. With his Moon in Leo, the artist once known as Ziggy Stardust has creativity and imagination galore. First off, he has Jupiter, the gift-giving planet of the zodiac in his 10th House of Career, expanding the entire house and imbuing it with a dash of Jovian luck.

Iman (model): Astrological Article and Chart

A fascinating asteroid-planet combo comes in the 5th House of creativity. How can I do this differently? We also find the North Node in the 5th House, which as a point in our charts can describe where we are being pulled towards in this lifetime. Mostly, Pallas-Athena is associated with strategic thinking, cunning, and healing, but she also has serious connections to androgyny, which David Bowie was famous for throughout the heyday of his musical career as he played the part of Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack, and The Thin White Duke. With Pallas right on top of the Ascendant, she affects how he looks as well as how others perceive him. Funny, that.

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Alongside Pallas-Athena on the ascendant, we find Amicitia friendliness and Hilaritas sense of humor, hilarious. On the day that David Jones changed his name to David Bowie — ta-da!

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Asteroid Juno, goddess of marriage, is conjunct his South Node. The South Node can talk about where we get depleted, or karmically what we already know how to do.

Here are the major personal points progressed to Jan Sometime in the year prior the prog Asc changed signs from Aries ruled by Mars to Taurus ruled by Venus. Likewise, the prog Sun has just moved out of Aquarius, its detriment, into Pisces, where it exalts Venus. Moving out of detriment is a major upturn for the Sun, and now 'Venus stuff' is taking center stage.

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